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Gimnazjum promotes the integral development of all spheres of student's personality (physical development, formation of senses, ability to manage emotions, intellectual agility, spiritual development and training of will). Teachers take the role of assistant in the development process, assist and provide directions of  pupils' development. The values adopted by the school are conditioned by the expectations of students and their parents. The actions of teachers make students take responsibility for the practice adopted by the school and its standards.

At our school:

     * there is a computer      lab,                                                                                                                           
     * we learn foreign languages: German and English,
     * students are under guardianship of teachers,
     * common room and library are available for students,
     * there are two profiled classes: sports class (football) and dance class.

Gimnazjum nr 12 is a school, in which everyone is respected. The school educates the mind and personality, learns how to live in a changing world and takes care of the perennial values.

12 reasons why you might choose our gimnazjum:                       

We are a school:

     * with class,
     * safe
     * student-friendly
     * with ambitions.
We are able to:

     * develop your interests, 
     * prepare you for the further stage, 

     * teach you proper values, 
     * meet your expectations. 
We have:
     * experienced teaching staff,

     * good conditions for the development of sport
     * excellent equipment,

     * many ideas for work and enter.

Circle of interests
     * gym (boys)
     * recreation (girls) 
     * volleyball (girls)

     * volleyball (boys)                                                                                      
     * football (girls)
     * dance classes  

     * music classes (choir)
     * touring classes 
     * cabaret classes 
     * journalistic circle.


Days till summer holidays 
-18600 days
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